Custom Embroidery

Superior Quality Embroidery!!!

Throughout our years in the business of providing custom-made gloves for sports clubs, schools and universities nationwide, we have always offered our customers the facility to have their kit embellished with whatever they might require - club or school badge, team or individual names, or sponsor's logo - we have always been able to give gloves that finishing touch. 

With the advance of technology making it easier for the most sophisticated images to be reproduced, we can embroider any image, whether the source image is a JPEG, TIF, EPS,  BMP or CDR , we can convert these into very high quality digitized files which can be applied onto your chosen gloves. 

We use many embroidery techniques, examples being Appliqué, Run Stitching, Fill Stitching, Cross-stitch, Satin Stitching, and Basic Embroidery. A common technique we use is 'appliqué'. This is when a fabric is sewn onto another piece of fabric to create your design.

We can embroider onto most fabrics, and reproduce onto bags, caps, other promotional items, and almost any gloves.

  • We offer a full embroidery service at very competitive prices in which we can embroider names, numbers, logos or other images onto any gloves.
  • Highly durable with superior stitching quality as used by major sports gloves brands.
  • E-mail the image that you want embroidered and enter details, eg which gloves or product?, where you want it positioned and your order reference number to /

Please note that prices may vary depending on size, colours, number of stitching and the price stated excludes set up fees.